Ecrox for Business

While Ecrox aims to offer a comprehensive suite of features expected on a major EVM-compatible blockchain, such as wallets, decentralized finance (DeFi), and NFTs, our primary focus is on transforming Ecrox into a foundational pillar for the global payments industry. We envision a future where millions of individuals worldwide seamlessly integrate crypto into their daily transactions.

However, we understand that the majority of consumers are not yet ready to directly manage their finances on-chain, with the associated friction and risks. Therefore, our approach is centered around developing applications that bridge this gap, providing users with a familiar payment experience akin to popular platforms like Venmo and Revolut, but powered by the Ecrox blockchain.

These applications will operate on top of the blockchain, shielding users from the complexities of handling private keys and paying transaction fees. This section serves as an introduction to the Ecrox tools available for businesses and organizations to build such user-friendly applications.

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