ECROX on Other Chains

Interoperability with major blockchains is crucial for Ecrox's growth and vision. One method to achieve this is by enabling wrapped versions of ECROX tokens on other chains.

Unlike ECROX tokens on Ecrox, these wrapped tokens, known as ECROX-20 tokens, are created when a user locks a specific quantity of tokens on Ecrox. In return, they receive an equal amount of wrapper tokens on the target blockchain. When a user withdraws these wrapper tokens from the target blockchain, the corresponding tokens are burned, and the locked ECROX Coins on Ecrox are unlocked.

Currently, wrapped versions of ECROX tokens are available on Ethereum (mainnet), Binance Smart Chain, and Arbitrum One (a layer-2 optimistic rollup chain for Ethereum). The Arbitrum version is unique as it's a wrapper of a wrapper facilitated by the Ethereum-Arbitrum bridge, and withdrawals from Arbitrum are governed by optimistic rollup rules.

This interoperability enhances Ecrox's accessibility and utility across different blockchain ecosystems, broadening its reach and potential use cases.

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