Delegation through Staking with Validators

As elaborated earlier, Ecrox validators can expand their share of the consensus stake by attracting funds from users who opt not to run validator nodes, known as "delegators." Delegators have the freedom to select any validator(s) and stake any amount of ECROX with them through the Ecrox Staking platform for participation.

When a delegator stakes ECROX with a validator, they receive a portion of Ecrox block rewards proportional to their stake, minus the fee paid to the validator. The minimum fee currently stands at 5%, a deliberate measure to prevent excessive consolidation among validators by discouraging very low delegation fees.

Presently, delegators retain the option to unstake their ECROX at any time. However, there are plans underway to introduce a minimum staking period to enhance network stability and incentivize longer-term participation.

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