Here, you can find the information that can help you navigate the interoperability options that you can use to transfer tokens to and from the Ecrox blockchain.

The Ecrox team is committed to promoting interoperability among public blockchains, recognizing that no single platform is likely to achieve complete dominance in the future. Therefore, solutions that facilitate seamless transfers between Ecrox and other blockchains are essential for the sustained growth of the Ecrox platform and ecosystem.

Significant progress has been made by the Ecrox team in securing partnerships with leading operators. Presently, the Ecrox blockchain is linked to other blockchains through the following multichain bridges and value transfer protocols:

  1. Ecrox Cross Bridge: This bridge serves as a vital connection point, enabling smooth transfers between Ecrox and other blockchain networks.

  2. Ecrox Finance Value Transfer Protocol: This protocol plays a crucial role in facilitating value transfers across different blockchains, enhancing interoperability and accessibility for Ecrox users.

These interoperability solutions are fundamental to expanding Ecrox's reach and utility, fostering collaboration with diverse blockchain ecosystems and contributing to the overall growth and resilience of the platform.

Ecrox Token Bridge

The Ecrox Cross bridge was initially developed by the Ecrox team and has since been transitioned to the community-governed Ecrox Bridge. This bridge serves as a vital link connecting Ecrox to both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Notably, both bridges operate on a custodial basis.

The Ethereum bridge is permissionless, allowing seamless integration with the Ethereum blockchain. However, for the BSC bridge, new tokens must undergo an addition process.

When transferring tokens from Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain to Ecrox via these bridges, users are not subjected to any fees or limits. However, withdrawals from Ecrox using the bridge incur a 0.05% fee based on the bridged amount. Additionally, users must cover fees on the destination chain to successfully claim their tokens from the bridge contract during the final transfer stage.

Access to the bridge is facilitated through the Ecrox Bridge App, providing a user-friendly interface for managing cross-chain transactions. For more detailed information on the bridge's functionality, please refer to this link. Furthermore, comprehensive tutorials on utilizing the Ecrox bridging system can be found here.

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